It can be difficult to challenge harassment when the person doing the harassing is more senior. So, when something happens which doesn’t feel right, or makes us feel uncomfortable, or hurts us, it can be hard to know who to tell or what to do.

The Bar Council is doing a lot to support record making and reporting. You can use our confidential helpline and speak to a member of the Equality & Diversity team in confidence or if you prefer you can use our reporting tool, Spot, to make a record of the incident while you decide what to do. Spot is a web-based application using AI to ask meaningful questions about what happened.

If you have witnessed inappropriate behaviour, or someone has disclosed something to you, you can also make a record as a witness, or encourage the individual concerned to make a record. Even if you don’t want to raise a complaint you can still help the Bar Council build a picture of the types of inappropriate behaviour barristers face.

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