All main parties have launched their 2019 General Election manifesto. We have compiled a list of pledges from the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats on law and order. It can be viewed here.

You can read our manifesto for the next Government here. It comprises of 6 recommendations which are as follows:

Our recommendations to the next Government:

      A strong and effective justice system

  1. A properly funded justice system that underpins our society, democracy and economy
  2. A court system that places accessible justice for all at its heart

    Recognising the value of legal services 
  3. Properly funding legal aid
  4. Abolishing the 'innocence tax'

    Ensuring everyone has fair access to justice 
  5. Recognising the value of legal services - to society and the economy 
  6. Promoting the Bar's position as an international respected world leader and promoter of democracy and the rule of law