Statements and intervention letters

The Bar Council is committed to upholding the rule of law in the UK and around the world.
In support of the rule of law globally, the international team’s activities include:

Many of the Bar Council’s members are advocates in human rights and constitutional cases in this country and around the world. Barristers also devote their time to pro bono work, whether that be providing legal advice or representation for free to those in need, or by volunteering their skills in another capacity, such as providing advocacy training in other jurisdictions. We speak out whenever and wherever rule of law crises occur and will engage with other lawyers' associations to share best practice on regulatory or professional standards matters. 

Previous statements and letters
The Bar Council’s international team also arrange an Annual International Rule of Law Lecture which aims to stimulate debate and promote greater awareness of the importance of the rule of law. The lecture attracts eminent speakers from across the globe, each with their own perspective on the rule of law and each with their own thoughts on the challenges presented.