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Keynote speakers announced for Annual Bar Conference

Sir Ernest Ryder, Senior President of Tribunals, Caroline Wilson, Former British Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macao, and the President of the Malaysian Bar and Chairman of the Bar Council in Malaysia, Steven Thiru, have been announced as the keynote speakers for the 31st Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference on 15 October 2016 in London.

  • 1 June 2022
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End of year highlights (Law Reform, Regulatory Affairs & Ethics)

End of year round-up of highlights from the Law Reform, Regulatory Affairs and Ethics Policy team.

  • 12 December 2019
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End of year highlights (Legal Practice and Remuneration)

End of year round-up of highlights from the Legal Practice and Remuneration Policy team.

  • 12 December 2019
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End of year highlights (Diversity & Inclusion and CSR)

End of year round-up of highlights from the Diversity & Inclusion and CSR Policy team (which includes Education, Young Bar and Employed Bar).

  • 12 December 2019
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End of year highlights (International)

End of year round-up of highlights from the International Policy team.

  • 12 December 2019
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Guest blog: New client care letter and other news for Public Access barristers

Andrew Granville Stafford, member of the Bar Council, the Bar Council Ethics Committee and Chair of the Bar Council’s Direct Access Panel, blogs on new developments that public access barristers need to be aware of, including a new client care letter.

  • 12 December 2019
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Guest blog: how the arbitration world can learn from civil procedure

The winner of this year’s Bar Council Law Reform essay competition, Penny Tridimas, guest blog on how the world of arbitration could learn from civil procedure to overcome shortcomings

  • 28 November 2019
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Guest blog: Karen Safo on making the Bar more inclusive

Barrister-at-law Karen Safo on what you can do to foster inclusion at the Bar

  • 14 November 2019
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CALLING ALL JOURNALISTS - The Bar Council's 28th Legal Reporting Awards competition is now open.

  • 1 November 2019

Black History Month blog: It is about inclusion and belonging

Karen Safo, barrister at law and human rights activist, asks in her guest blog for BarTalk whether initiatives aimed at diversifying the profession are enough and that becoming a barrister is about feeling included and a sense of belonging

  • 31 October 2019
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Black History Month blog: How we benefit from bringing Black History Month into the workplace

Abimbola Johnson, barrister at 25 Bedford Row, writes in BarTalk on why it is important for non-black members of the profession to consider how they view Black History Month, particularly if their workplace and social circle is not particularly diverse.

  • 31 October 2019
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Black History Month blog: “There are still relatively few of us”

Barrister Miranda Grell of 10 King’s Bench Walk Chambers guest blogs for BarTalk in Black History Month on the progress as well as the remaining challenges in diversity at the Bar.

  • 31 October 2019
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Bar Council 2020 Elections: Results announced

The results of the Bar Council 2020 elections have been announced.

  • 22 October 2019

Queen's Speech 2019: Bar Council reaction

Chair of the Bar Richard Atkins QC reacts to the 2019 Queen's Speech.

  • 14 October 2019

MyBar maintenance

MyBar is undergoing temporary maintenance work

  • 10 October 2019

Guest blog: My year as a Social Mobility Advocate

Barrister and 2018 Bar Council Social Mobility Advocate, Natasha Shotunde explains how the ‘I Am the Bar’ campaign was just the beginning in promoting equality and making the profession more accessible

  • 3 October 2019
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#IAmTheBar guest blog: Social mobility and valuing how you are different

Mass Ndow-Njie, pupil barrister at the Government Legal Department, blogs about valuing what makes you different to secure pupillage.

  • 3 October 2019
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International growth at the Bar

Barristers' income from international work

  • 1 October 2019

Bar Council: Justice and the rule of law at risk

The Bar Council's Party Conference briefing sends a clear message to party policy-makers

  • 27 September 2019

Bar Council election candidates announced

2020 Bar Council election

  • 25 September 2019

Bar Council reaction to NAO report on court reform progress

Richard Atkins QC, Chair of the Bar, responds to National Audit Office report on HM Courts and Tribunal Service’s (HMCTS) courts modernisation programme

  • 13 September 2019

Bar Council comments on independence of the judiciary

The Bar Council expects the Government to uphold the rule of law in this country.

  • 12 September 2019

Bar Council comments on independence of the judiciary

The Bar Council expects the Government to uphold the rule of law in this country.

  • 12 September 2019

Bar Council ushers in new era of public affairs

The Bar Council has appointed Piran Dhillon-Starkings as Advisor to the Chair of the Bar, following Mark Hatcher’s decision to leave the Bar Council to devote more time to his role as Reader of the Temple.

  • 10 September 2019

Bar Council launches anti-harassment and bullying online tool

The Bar Council, which represents all barristers in England and Wales, is launching an anti-bullying and harassment online tool that will be available for barristers this autumn.

  • 9 September 2019

Bar Council reaction to Spending Review - tackling crime

Additional funding for criminal justice system in the Spending Review, but is it enough?

  • 5 September 2019

Guest blog: UK government must prioritise legal rights of migrants in France

Axis Solicitors take a look at the latest developments in Calais for migrants, many of whom are asylum seekers trying to reach the UK, and how their rights need to be taken into account.

  • 1 September 2019
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Notice of elections 2020

Elections for the 2020 Bar Council of England and Wales

  • 30 August 2019

Guest blog: Legal blogging pilot - how you can get involved

Transparency Project blogs for the Bar Council on how a new pilot is taking place which will allow lawyers to attend court “for journalistic, research or public legal educational purposes”.

  • 22 August 2019
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Guest blog: How will the UK immigration system cope with no deal Brexit?

Immigration solicitor Anne Morris and barrister Patrick Lewis ask how UK immigration reform and a no deal Brexit will be achievable when the Home Office and immigration courts are already struggling under the current status quo

  • 22 August 2019
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Bar Council comment on courts sitting empty

Responding to reports on Twitter that Crown Courts across England & Wales were sitting empty on Monday, the Bar Council, which represents all barristers in England and Wales, has issued a statement.

  • 20 August 2019

2019 Annual General Meeting

Notice of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Bar of England & Wales

  • 16 August 2019

Bar Council warning over latest criminal justice figures

Chair of the Bar's reaction to the latest criminal justice statistics

  • 16 August 2019

Bar Council reaction £85m CPS boost

Treasury to give Crown Prosecution Service £85 million over two years

  • 13 August 2019

Elections to go digital this year

Barristers to ditch paper ballots for Bar Council vote

  • 8 August 2019

Have your say: CPS fees reference groups

As work progresses on the review of Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) fees, it is important that all members of the criminal Bar who undertake prosecution work are given the opportunity to engage and contribute to this work. To enable this, a number of reference groups will be established that will meet to discuss the key outputs of the review and gain feedback.

  • 17 July 2019

Guest blog: The Not-so Secret Barrister

"The reason I want to be a barrister is this: the feeling of being able to guide people through what will probably be the highest highs of their lives, or their lowest lows"

  • 14 July 2019
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Bar Council: More can be done to improve diversity in the judiciary

Bar Council responds to Judicial Diversity Statistics 2019

  • 12 July 2019

125 years of the Bar Council: Lady Justice Hallett's speech

The Bar Council's work over the last 125 years

  • 11 July 2019

Guest blog: Improving the way barristers get paid in civil and family cases

The Legal Aid Agency’s (LAA) Antony Leal guest blogs for BarTalk on the progress made in key meetings between the LAA, the Bar Council and Family Law Bar Association

  • 11 July 2019
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Double celebration for City of London Corporation and Bar Council as milestones are reached

City of London Corporation and Bar Council celebrate 100 years of women in law and 125 years of the Bar Council

  • 10 July 2019

The Bar 'what' fee?

What's in a name? Commercial Director Dr Isabel DiVanna is looking for a new, more appropriate name for the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

  • 27 June 2019
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Legal profession launches Women in Law Pledge

On Thursday 20 June 2019, the Law Society of England and Wales, the Bar Council of England and Wales and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) will join together to launch a Women in Law Pledge at the Law Society's international symposium on gender equality.

  • 20 June 2019

Hong Kong extradition laws update: Bar Council reaction

Bar Council comments on the decision of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong to suspend the process of amending the extradition laws of the Special Administrative Region.

  • 19 June 2019

Red Lion Chambers & #IAmTheBar 'open doors' to the Bar

Highlights from the first of an innovative approach to making the profession more socially mobile

  • 13 June 2019
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Strengthening the Bar through research

New approach to gaining insights to the Bar

  • 29 May 2019
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Bar Council and YBC joint statement CBA ballot

CBA ballots on action over prosecution and defence fees

  • 24 May 2019

Guest blog: Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive of HMCTS

Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive of HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) on working with the Bar Council on improving court security and easier access for legal professionals

  • 16 May 2019
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Bar Council rewarding bright new law reform ideas

This week, the Bar Council opens its long-standing Law Reform Essay Competition, which offers a total of £10,000 prize money to winners. The competition has been running for over 10 years and has helped contribute to the costs of qualification as a barrister for many aspiring barristers.

  • 16 May 2019

Guest blog: New transparency rules imminent

Andrew Granville Stafford, Chair of the Direct Access Panel blogs on the new BSB rules aiming to improve transparency in the areas of price, service and redress for the benefit of barristers’ clients.

  • 15 May 2019
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Comment on IBA report on harassment and bullying

The Bar Council comments on the International Bar Association's report that a third of women in the legal profession have been sexually harassed.

  • 15 May 2019

BSB recruitment timetable and written pupillage agreements consultation

The Bar Council welcomes the BSB’s consultation on the recruitment timetable and written pupillage agreements.

  • 7 May 2019

Thank you from the Bar Council

Dr Isabel DiVanna, Commercial Director at the Bar Council explains why the support barristers have pledged to the Bar Council is so important.

  • 2 May 2019
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Lawyers unite for #LegalPride 2019

The legal professions of England and Wales - solicitors, barristers and Chartered Legal Executives are joining together to mark Pride events in Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff and London.

  • 1 May 2019

New support for barristers seeking judicial careers

Bar Council backs new judicial diversity move

  • 24 April 2019

Bar Council responds to Criminal Bar Association survey on CPS fees

Survey shows 95 per cent of criminal barristers would walk out or refuse to take cases over low pay

  • 23 April 2019

Guest blog: New Domestic Abuse Bill fails to protect migrants

J.S. von Dacre of the Immigration Advice Service guest blogs for the Bar Council on the government’s new Domestic Abuse Bill and gives an analysis of the protections the Bill provides for refugee and migrant victims of domestic abuse.

  • 18 April 2019
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Guest blog: From words to action: diversity at the Bar

Radcliffe Chambers barrister Kate Selway tells us about a new chambers diversity initiative which she helped to develop and which recently won “Bar diversity and inclusion initiative of the year” at this year’s Diversity Legal Awards.

  • 18 April 2019
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Barristers seek action from President Erdogan on Turkey's Day of the Lawyer

The Bar Council of England and Wales and the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales (BHRC) have sent a letter to President Erdogan of Turkey urging immediate action by Turkish authorities to protect lawyers and safeguard the rule of law in Turkey.

  • 5 April 2019

Guest blog: Julia Lowis on human rights in Colombia

An international delegation of lawyers led by the Colombia Caravana (UK), coordinated with the Bar Human Rights Committee (England & Wales) and the Faculty of Advocates' Human Rights and Rule of Law Committee (Scotland), supported by the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk, is in Colombia this week to observe final hearings in the case 'Los Doce Apostoles'. The victim's family are represented by Daniel Prado Albarracin, a Colombian human rights lawyer who has represented families of enforced disappearance since the early 1990s.

  • 4 April 2019
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Joint notice from HMCTS on removal of court bundles

The Bar Council has met with HMCTS to clarify the correct position on which court bundles barristers and solicitors are required under data protection laws to remove from court, following some confusion about notices posted in courts which did not distinguish between papers belonging to representatives and those served on the court. HMCTS has now issued a joint notice confirming that only those bundles belonging to barristers and solicitors should be removed by them.

  • 4 April 2019

King Edward VI Handsworth School takes national mock trial prize

The coveted Bar Mock Trials National Champions title has gone to King Edward VI Handsworth School after its team won the Bar Council backed contest which sees non-fee paying schools compete against each other in mock court trials.

  • 28 March 2019

What does the Bar Council do for you? FAQs

Carolyn Entwistle, the Bar Council's Head of Services to the Bar, answers questions about the work of the Bar Council

  • 21 March 2019
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Bar Council responds to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) pay increase

CPS lawyers are to receive a pay increase

  • 13 March 2019

Authorisation to Practise is now open

Subscribe to the Bar Representation Fee and renew your practising certificate

  • 8 March 2019

Barristers look to run London

Barrister and social mobility advocate James Keeley and four other Middle Templers are running London

  • 7 March 2019
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20 chambers sign up to new-look Ambassadors scheme

Get your chambers’ views heard by the Bar Council

  • 7 March 2019
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Employment spotlight: New Quay HR

New Quay HR highlight what barristers’ chambers need to watch out for in 2019

  • 7 March 2019
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Bar Council response to HMCTS Court Reform Programme timetable extension

The Bar Council has responded to the announcement that HM Courts & Tribunals Service is extending its reform programme, pushing the finish date to 2023, a year later than previously planned.

  • 6 March 2019

Support for women across the Bar

The Bar Council responds to Lord Pannick QC's suggestion in The Times (21 February 2019) for the Bar Council to set up a mentoring panel of senior women barristers, highlighting support already in place.

  • 21 February 2019

Guest blog: Breaking down barriers to the Bar

Law Fairs: a guest blog by Rose Malleson, Policy Assistant, Bar Council

  • 20 February 2019
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Tackling judicial bullying: Advice for the Bar

Bar leaders produce guide for barristers on how to deal with judicial bullying

  • 20 February 2019

The Bar Council in the press: January-February 2019

The Bar Council in the news - a round-up of the Bar Council in the press

  • 19 February 2019

Barristers' flagship social mobility scheme heads North again

This week, the Bar Council holds its fifth annual Bar Placement Week (North) in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

  • 19 February 2019

Pupillage Gateway deadline extended

Gateway to stay open for applications until 11am on Monday 11 February

  • 8 February 2019

IT Panel blog: The players on the data protection stage

GDPR blog: Chapter One

  • 7 February 2019
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Guest blog: Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, Shadow Minister for Security & Solicitor General

Legal professional privilege at our borders

  • 7 February 2019
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LASPO Review: Bar Council reaction

Disappointment at LASPO Review

  • 7 February 2019

Bar Council speaks up on conviction of Chinese lawyer

The Bar Council of England and Wales expresses grave concerns about the recent conviction of Chinese human rights lawyer, Wang Quanzhang.

  • 31 January 2019

MOJ IT systems failures - Chair updates profession

Ministry of Justice IT systems failure. This is the message sent to the profession on Wednesday 23 January 2019 from Richard Atkins QC.

  • 24 January 2019

Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2019

This year, Day of the Endangered Lawyer draws attention to the situation in Turkey. The Bar Council has repeatedly raised concerns around the ongoing and large-scale prosecution of judges, lawyers, journalists and human rights defenders in Turkey.

  • 24 January 2019

Bar Representation Fee (BRF): Are you renewing your BRF in 2019?

We want to know what we can do to encourage you to keep supporting our work for years to come, says Dr Isabel DiVanna, the Bar Council’s Commercial Director.

  • 24 January 2019
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Ministry of Justice IT systems failings

The Bar Council has contacted the Ministry of Justice and HMCTS for an update on the IT problems which are reportedly causing major disruption to their systems.

  • 22 January 2019

PHONE SCAM ALERT: Warning to barristers

Fake HMRC calls

  • 22 January 2019

Bar Council opens up membership to chambers

New annual chambers membership launched

  • 21 January 2019

Brexit Paper 28: Who will hold the Government to account on environment post-Brexit?

EU institutions currently have the power to fine the UK millions of euros if it fails to address breaches of EU set pollution limits, but who will police the Government on environmental standards when we leave the EU?

  • 18 January 2019

Disclosure, litigants in person and a 1964 miscarriage of justice

Bar Council Legal Reporting Awards: Winners announced

  • 17 January 2019

Post-vote analysis: What next for Brexit?

Chair of the Bar Council’s Brexit Working Group, Hugh Mercer QC, explains the options for the UK following Parliament’s rejection of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

  • 16 January 2019

Bitesize Brexit: 'Deadlock or Breakthrough?' mini-series

The Bar Council has published a three-part Youtube mini-series featuring barrister and Brexit Working Group member Anneli Howard of Monckton Chambers.

  • 11 January 2019

Three levers to pull in 2019

Sam Mercer, the Bar Council’s Head of Equality & Diversity and CSR, sets out three initiatives the Bar Council will be focusing on in 2019 to support the profession in becoming a more diverse Bar in the future.

  • 10 January 2019
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Five minutes with...Athena Markides, 2019 Chair of the Young Barristers' Committee

Athena Markides, Chair of the Young Barristers' Committee of the Bar Council, answers 5 questions on her thoughts around women at the Bar and her own professional icon.

  • 10 January 2019
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Five minutes with...Dana Denis-Smith, Founder, First 100 Years

Five minutes with Dana Denis-Smith, Founder of the First 100 Years Project

  • 10 January 2019
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A global mission: Championing women in the fight for human rights

Dominic Boothroyd of the Bar Human Rights Committee shares a summary of BHRC's session, of which Baroness Helena Kennedy QC was a panel member, at the 2018 Annual Bar & Young Bar Conference.

  • 10 January 2019
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New head of the barristers’ profession takes office

Richard Atkins QC becomes Chair of the Bar for 2019.

  • 10 January 2019

Guest blog: Lucy Frazer QC MP, Justice Minister

Thoughts on the 100th year of women in law

  • 10 January 2019
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Chair & Vice Chair of the Bar: The Next 100 Years

In their first blog as new leaders of the Bar, Chair of the Bar Richard Atkins QC and Vice Chair Amanda Pinto QC jointly launch the 100th edition of BarTalk and explain why the centenary – and gender equality – matters to the whole Bar.

  • 10 January 2019
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Guest blog: Postcard from Australia - Kate Eastman SC

Australian perspectives of the first 100 years

  • 10 January 2019
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