The Debt Recovery Panel

The DRP is not an exclusive list of those offering debt-recovery services for the Bar. However, each member of the DRP has been vetted by the Bar Council following recommendations from the Bar. This independent panel of solicitors’ firms has been able to effectively demonstrate an understanding of the demands of the profession and the delicacy required when seeking to recover fees from private clients.

Debt recovery panel members

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Alternative fees collection options

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) helps small businesses, including self-employed barristers, to ensure fair payment practices. If the payment you are owed has been billed to a UK-based private business, with over 50 employees, within the last 12 months, the SBC may be able to provide you with an additional avenue through which to pursue the debt.

The Bar Council’s Legal Practice and Remuneration Team may be able to provide barristers and chambers professionals with advice relating to the chasing of Legal Aid Agency payments, and any issues arising during the billing process. The team can be contacted at

Contact us

We carefully monitor the feedback that receive from the Bar about our debt recovery assistance. If you have any concerns relating to the DAP or alternative options, or you would like to find out more, please email the Bar Council Services team on or call +44 (0)207 611 1321.